The Ultimate Buying Guide for Canvas Wall Art

 So, you want to buy a canvas print — that's great! We have lots of different styles to choose from including street art, champagne and gin art, watch art, fashion art, abstract art and many more. But, we want to make sure you have considered everything before you make your purchase; this includes asking us questions you may not have thought of until you stumbled across our handy little guide.

Okay, let's jump right in.

Consider Print Style and Canvas Size

What shape is the canvas? Landscape, portrait, or square? Depending on the print you're looking at, the shape and size of the canvas can have a real impact. It's the difference between an okay print and an amazing one.

What kind of canvas is the picture printed on? All of our products are made by hand at one of our 5 facilities across the globe. We use genuine artist quality poly cotton blend canvas that is scratch, crack, & warp resistant.

We can assure you that the materials we use are of the finest quality to achieve a perfect finished canvas wall art.


Think About The Frame

Frames on canvas prints tend to be forgotten by buyers as an important factor. Why is it a crucial aspect? Your wall art will only last as long as its frame!

Consider the following questions, and if you don't know, just ask:

  • What type of wood are the bars made from?
  • Is the tongue and groove joining method used?

As we've mentioned, we use the finest quality material but that doesn't mean you shouldn't grill us with these questions. You have the right to know everything about your product (regardless of which company you're buying from). 


The corners of your canvas are a huge detail that will make or break your print. If they're lumpy or unprofessionally folded then you have been involved with a novice finisher. They should be neat and with little to no bulk.

The staples are another important factor. Overall, they should be uniform, evenly spaced and inserted tightly. Those that are handmade tend to be the best — especially where finishes are concerned.

Packaging and Delivery Time

For a high-quality, handmade canvas print, you should expect to wait a while before it arrives. For example, if you live in the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK or Australia and are buying from us, you will need to wait for 5-10 working days. If you can't wait this long, you'll have to buy from a factory-borne company.

Canvas prints should be packaged correctly so they aren't damaged in transit. Of course, we make sure to hand pack each of our orders so we can personally control the quality. Again, don't be scared to get in contact if you want to know the details of our packaging process.

There are other factors to consider when buying any type of wall art but, in our humble opinion, these are the most vital. Remember, we are always available to handle any queries.

Happy canvas shopping!


Designer Tip

Canvas wall art is also a great way to help absorb noise. If you have a hallway or a room that seems to have more echo, then canvas wall art will help. They will not block out noise nor soundproof a room but they will help with the acoustics and the absorption of noise.